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Maplin goes live with online pre-order


August, 2011. Maplin have exclusively been the first retailer to support REAL Digital by negotiating the first order of Fortec Star single tuner STBs.

'Even though we are still working on the Fortec box, we are very close to finishing the R&D,' MD David Henry says. 'We are just ironing out the last few glitches and are very close to being able to launch. It's very exciting to see it available for our customers already and we hope people start showing their interest. We are even more focused on getting REAL Digital TV ready as soon as we can.'

Due to the final few changes needed to get the hardware working with the many other hardware and software partners involved, the launch planned for early September has been refocused for later in the month. Marketing manager Paddy Latham adds, 'we had every intention to launch on the 1st September and were not pleased we have to delay. But instead of rushing and potentially making mistakes, we would prefer to delay launch by as much that is needed to get it right. We can see there is interest building and we will try to keep everyone involved. But like David said, it's really exciting to see it available already, even on pre-order.'

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