First production run finished!

Fortec Star ST stock to arrive this week


Fortec Star, REAL Digital's first single tuner box manufacturer has confirmed the first mass production of the units have finished and are being shipped to the UK by air. Expected to land within a few days, REAL Digital has forged ahead with their relationship with Maplin, who have agreed to sell the product online at first.

'We are building quite a fan base via our Facebook page and word of mouth, and it is nice to finally have the product on it's way', MD David Henry says. 'Having the first model stocked at Maplin is great as it means our product will be available to a large portion of the population, but we are also getting regular enquiries from local retailers wanting to stock the new units. We are pleased to be able to offer our product through Maplin but will also be making stock available to local retailers to ensure better distribution'.

If you are a local retailer who is interested in stocking REAL Digital products, please contact Dave or anyone in the team by emailing here.

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